Legally Speaking
The courts are public. Professional pickleball instructors cannot charge for lessons without contacting the City of Prescott to pay a users fee and provide proof of insurance.  The lessons provided by PPA for PPA members are a benefit of membership and are offered under the PPA insurance.

Challenge (Drop-in) Play, Open Play, and Recreational/Beginner (Social) Play
Challenge (Drop-in) Play
is used when courts are busy and you want to challenge others to get on a court. Check for the skill level of the players and place your paddle in the fence to show you want to play the winners. The hours for Challenge (Drop-In) Play are 9 am to 12 noon.

Courts 7-8 are Recreational/Beginner (Social) Play. These courts are considered Challenge (Drop-In) Play courts all day for beginners and/or recreational play. If all the other courts are full and no one is using these courts, advanced players may use these courts.

Open Play allows you to play on a court for up to one hour. If there are open courts, you can play beyond the one hour limit. But, if all courts are in use, you must leave the court after one hour. The hours for open play are noon to 6 pm.